Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven)

13 08 2008

My Nintendo DS just ressurected after a long time collecting dust…

Rhythm Tengoku Gold

Rhythm Tengoku Gold

…because of Rhythm Tengoku Gold.

(don’t ask how I got it, please)

It’s a rhythm game, with lots of mini-games, each with it’s own theme.
The first version of the game was released for Gameboy Advance… the portable I never had, so I never heard of it before.

Rhythm Tengoku Gold

Rhythm Tengoku Gold

Style kinda reminds of WarioWare, but I found it more entertaining because of the rhythm part.
Unfortunately, like WarioWare and several other rhythm games, as soon as you complete all mini-games, that’s about it.
But even so, I think it’s worthwhile.

Recomended for those who already know some types of rhythm games… for those who don’t, maybe it’s a little bit hard to get… which doesn’t make it less fun.

Ok, it’s kinda hard to explain… but YouTube will save the day!

Japanese ad collection:

Trailer with more gameplay:

Oh yeah, the DS game is still japan only. The release date for United States is still TBA (to be announced)… at least while I was writting this post. But it doesn’t matter… if you can get the japanese version, there’s no need to know japanese to play it.

Well, at least for the first batch of minigames. 😀



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15 07 2009
Nintendo DS Transformed in Arcade! « XSp.

[…] bad AT ALL!” Because yes, it’d be absolutely awesome to have an arcade to play Rhythm Tengoku Gold! Seems a PSP can be rigged to be played in the same way, so it’s a pretty interesting […]

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