Hard Mario Levels

24 07 2008

Dunno if these are THE hardest levels, but the most interesting videos about ultra hard Mario levels.
From Mario Bros., with hilarious commentary (lots of swearing):

SNES Super Mario World:

Done by rom hacking, using emulators.
Source for one of the videos: TechEBlog



4 responses

13 09 2008
Super Automatic Mario World « XSp.

[…] Automatic Mario World 13 09 2008 I had already posted videos of ultra-hard Mario levels on another post… so hard that only Super Chuck Norris Bros. could easily pass, so I decided […]

14 04 2009
Taro - Super Ear Man Bros « XSp.

[…] if this is harder than the Hard Mario Levels I posted previously, but seems pretty damn hard to […]

16 05 2009
Clap Your Hands Say Mario « XSp.

[…] Your Hands Say Mario 16 05 2009 We’ve seen it live, we’ve seen it hard, we’ve seen it on Quake 3, we’ve mixed it with Duck Hunt, we’ve seen it […]

29 05 2009
The Thrill of Combat « XSp.

[…] burnt in your retina after playing the game too much. Similar effects from playing too much Hard Mario Levels… only without the RAAGEEEE! All that for only 5 bucks on Meshoff’s The Thrill of Combat […]

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