Super Chuck Norris Bros.

20 07 2008

Mario? Which Mario?

Super Chuck Norris Bros.

Super Chuck Norris Bros.

Forget Mario! If it was Chuck Norris Bros., Bowser would use a BROWN shell.

Can’t understand what I’m saying?
In which planet do you live? Aren’t you afraid of death?
Then you must check these Chuck Norris facts!

And watch what happens when they put Chuck Norris to replace Mario in Super Mario Bros.

Know what’s best? It’s a real game!
Of course, because when Chuck Norris saw this video, he thought it was a good idea… and a good idea for Chuck Norris is LAW.

So, you can download the game.
In fact, not only can. You WILL download the game, play it, and LOVE IT. Because if you don’t like it, you’ll get a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris.

Source: Kotaku.



Uma resposta

11 10 2008
Super Automatic Mario World « XSp.

[…] I had already posted videos of ultra-hard Mario levels on another post… so hard that only Super Chuck Norris Bros. could easily pass, so I decided to post this video too, which anyone (even your dog) could […]

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