Liberdade – 17/07 (AnimeFriends 2008)

19 07 2008


Like I said on last post, today I had some free time, so I ended up in “Liberdade” neighborhood.
It’s a japanese commercial area, filled with nice stuff to make us get rid of our wordly possessions (aka money).

Took few pics, since I was there for business… 😛

I woke up early, got me some breakfast, and got some cosplayers from my group!

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

Naruto is still ruling the event…

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

This grafitte is on the back of a newstand, that’s on a square in the middle of Liberdade.

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

Here, a bakery (pan-ya) that mimics japanese style ones… maybe the only one there is in Brazil.
The stuff I bought there I’ll show you later! 😀

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

At the subway station which I went to get to Liberdade, there was a mixed art exposition.
Found this interesting sculpture… a two faced sculpture, literaly:

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

And on the same exposition… this.

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

Weird flowers growing on a tree trunk, or brains on a stick?

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

And here, my GET so far. Yep, I overdid it… I kinda regret it, that’s why I took the pics.
To remind how great they are after I pack them up.
But wait a minute…. OMG YUKI, WHAT’S THAT??? 😛
Oh… what my mom will do to me when she finds out the bill?

And that’s it folks. Keep following the posts… if everything works out, tomorrow I’ll post more stuff!



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