AnimeFriends 2008 – Going…

15 07 2008

Dear readers,
I’m leaving town to cover the AnimeFriends 2008 convention (biggest anime convention in Brazil)!

AnimeFriends 2008

AnimeFriends 2008

There’s a tiny chance the blog will be on halt for a week…





… but only if I absolutely can’t find a way to connect to the Internet while I’m on the event (which I find a little hard to happen).

I see what you did there

I see what you did there

If I can’t find an access point in the event, it’s probable that there’ll be one on the hotel we are staying, or at least somewhere near the hotel… so don’t fret!

Meanwhile, watch the videos I did on AnimeDreams 2007 (the second biggest anime convention in Brazil).
I had forgotten about them, ‘till some of those crazy guys that are also on the video made me remember about it…

(sorry folks, portuguese subtitles only)
First part:

Second part:

Sorry about the bad quality though… it was my first attempt on video editing, posting something on YouTube… and it wasn’t planned. I just decided to collect all material we had and do something with it. 😛



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