The Japanese Tradition – 1

10 07 2008

Wanna learn millenial japanese traditions?

The Japanese Tradition

The Japanese Tradition

Then… don’t watch these videos! LOL

The Japanese Tradition is a series of comedy videos that makes fun of some japanese traditions… with some truth in it.

Episode 1 – Hashi (chopsticks)

It’s funny how several people ends up believing the videos are serious.
Suposedly made by “Japan Culture Lab”… which I don’t know if is true or not.

Episode 2 – Origami

It’s kinda of a long series, so I’ll post the videos little by little. Respecting the japanese tradition. 😛
Those who are in a hurry to watch other episodes, just search on YouTube.

Episode 5 – Onigiri (riceball)

Had to skip episodes 3 and 4 because I didn’t find them…

Here’s the episode list:

The Japanese Tradition 「日本の形」
1 – Hashi 「箸」
2 – Origami 「折り紙」
3 – Obon-Yasumi 「お盆休み」
4 – Natsu Yasumi 「夏休み」
5 – Onigiri 「おにぎり」
6 – Ocha 「お茶」
7 – Shazai 「謝罪」
8 – Utage 「宴」
9 – Tejime 「手締め」
Bonus – Dogeza 「土下座」
Bonus – Sushi 「鮨」

Those who liked them, see ya next post! 😀



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31 07 2008
The Japanese Tradition - 2 « XSp.

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