Taped cat!

10 07 2008

If you have a cat, have you ever tried something like this:

Taped Cat

Taped Cat


The video is polemic… just read the comments on the video page.

People saying “poor cat”, people finding it funny, people using the video as an excuse to post prejudice against japanese people… all there.
I even read a RAAAGGE comment with someone saying that the video authors where “humiliating” the cat by posting the video on the Internet… can you believe it?

Watch the video:

Some cat owners already said:
1- it’s a common and innofensive play. Several cats have the same reaction;
2- the cat doesn’t feel pain. The tape doesn’t stick on the cat’s hair like it would stick to, for instance, our skin. It’s NOT like waxing. This of course depends on the type of tape you use… don’t superglue your cat please.
3- if the cat really felt pain, he/she would be desperate, try to remove the tape using any means, and would be running around like crazy. At least he/she would be very nervous and would be hissing or something… nothing like that happens on the video;
4- again, it’s just a game, they are just playing. Same type of joke someone would do to a brother or friend. So don’t force yourself to imagine pain and sufferiment that don’t exist, nor jump to conclusions about the cat owner or about the video. As far as I see it, the cat loves his owner.

Why I said all that? Because there are always some looneys that seems to be watching the crucifixion of Christ in that video.

But anyways, no stress, watch another funny video with a cat and a piece of tape:

It’s like he’s trying to ged rid of the tape using… THE FORCE, or something. XD



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