6 07 2008

Another meme…



ZA WARUDO! Toki wo tomare.

Meme this time has a clearer origin… it’s from bizarre anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

I never watched the anime, only know it’s kinda old, has a bizarre story involving vampires, and reminds a little of other animes like Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken). Which, by the way, also has a similar meme (I’ll post it another day).

The meme is a fight sequence from villain Dio Brando, which only became more popular after some crazy japanese person (who else?) made a flash version with stick figures:

Try the original flash version.

And since then, some different versions where made… like this one with PC vs. Mac and Touhou:

Problem about this meme is that you can’t use it in many situations… and only works with images and animations. That’s why, despite being classic, isn’t as known as other classic memes.
Still, lots of people try to keep it alive!

One more:

The meme has 2 main (more known) parts… one is “ZA WARUDO”. “THE WORLD” in “japenglish”, which is when Dio makes time stop.
When this happens, a negative sphere opens… which is oftenly used to quote the meme.

The other part if when Dio throws a road roller on the frozen enemie’s head, making a particular pose with the “WRYYY” scream (pronounced REEE), which is a vampiric call or something.

Not even Megaman escaped:

Soshite, toki ga ugoki desu.



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