4 07 2008

Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?

Another classic meme.

9000 RPG

9000 RPG

Quick explanation… some crazy dude made this video, lots of people thought it was hilarious (including me), and forums all over the interwebs adopted it as a joke.

9000 lolcat

9000 lolcat

Even lolcats liked!

So, everytime someone made a question which the answer involved a high number, the reply was there.
For instance:
“Wait. How much you say this Monster cable sound system costs?”

9000 Sparta

9000 Sparta

Despite being quite old, even Sparta surrended to the meme.

Also, if someone replies a question with a number over 9000, or if someone mentions something absurdly expensive with value over 9000, comes the quick image reply:

It\'s over 9000

It's over 9000

Watch another example on World of WorkCraft.



Uma resposta

29 05 2009
Cactus Poker (Browser) « XSp.

[…] Cactus Poker (Browser) 29 05 2009 For Poker fans, this browser game made by Nankyoku Tairiku is a 10-round poker game where you have to get the most money out of your opponents. Cactus Poker Pretty nice to learn the basics (even though the instruction are in japanese), and addictive as well. Click the image or this link to the official Cactus Poker page. Oh, and do tell me when you get a better score than mine (from like… 4 attempts)… Cactus Poker Kinda curious to know what happens when you get over 3000. I already know what happens when it gets over 9000. […]

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