One does not simply walk into Mordor!

1 07 2008

Another meme… kinda old, but no problemo.


One does not simply walks into Mordor!

From famous scene when the Fellowship of the Ring is formed, Boromir’s speech.
I bet the meme began on SomethingAwful forums… resembles other stuff from there.

The meme consists basically of replacing “walk” for something else… or messing around with the speech. Here you go.

Rock Mordor

In Mordor, I guess there’s only country music…

Mordor Tank Cat

Tank Cat is a LOLCat… which I didn’t post yet on my Caturday topics.

Mordor Slip n Slide

Would be nice though… looks kinda hot in Mordor…

rock back forth mordor

Sauron hates little children…

This one is geek. Sauron’s server has all ports closed.

Ewok Mordor

Sauron also hates fluffy furry creatures.

mordor drive

Well… if you could get a car that walks over rivers of molten lava…

Chainsaw mordor

I wonder if “One does not simply BFG into Mordor” too?

mordor login

… not even hacking?

mordor hack

Yup, guess not.

mordor pogostick

Tough call Gandalf.

silly walk mordor

For Monty Python fans

wok mordor

There’s even a YouTube video with some others:

That’s it folks!



2 responses

2 07 2008

LOLOL on the telnet!

28 08 2008

Michael Phelps simply swims into mordor.

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