Diablo 3

28 06 2008

Those who follow the gaming news as close as I do already knows… but for those who still don’t, Blizzard has officially announced DIABLO 3!!!!!!!!!!! YEEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Diablo 3

Diablo III, one of the most anticipated games from Blizzard, was announced today, July 28th, in an official Blizzard event in Paris, France.

Diablo 3

Something that made fans happy (at least me) is that, just like Starcraft 2 still looks like Starcraft, Diablo 3 has the same looks and isometric perspective like it’s predecessors.

Diablo 3

Gameplay not only remains the same, but it was even more simplified, making it possible to play only with a mouse. Simplicity is one of the strong points of the game after all.

Diablo 3

From what it was revealed up ‘till now, there’ll be 5 character classes… and we already know that one is Barbarian, and the other is Witch Doctor (that guy on the previous pic).

Diablo 3

The other 3 classes will probably be announced little by little, ‘till the launch day, together with more pics and videos to make us even more hyped about it.

Diablo 3

Technical stuff: Physics engine Havok was used to create destructible scenarios, as well as special effects in the game.

Diablo 3

It will be launched for PC and MacOSX, no word about consoles yet.
DirectX 10 won’t be a pre-requisite.
It’ll be possible to play online using Battle.net, including co-op mode.
Maps will be generated randomly, in order to increase re-playability factor.

Diablo 3

There are almost 100 images like these on the official website.
Gameplay images, artistic images (like the ones above and below), plus trailers and other info.
Tip is that in the game art screens, it’s possible to guess what the other classes will be.

Diablo 3

Looks a little like a sinister dark Lord of the Rings, agree? Which only makes things even more interesting to me. ^^’

But enough with the chit-chat, watch the trailers!

Cinematic Teaser:


Better quality on GameVideos.com

Gameplay “Classes” Trailer
Part 1:

Part 2:

Better quality on GameVideos.com

Artwork Trailer

Better quality on GameVideos.com

As soon as it comes out on pre-order, I’ll buy it. You?

Source: Kotaku!

EDIT: Kotaku guys made a link map to all GameTrailers.com trailers… and they have lots of them!
So, for those who desperately need more trailers, here they go:

Debut Gameplay Trailer
Debut Artwork Trailer
Debut Teaser
Debut Barbarian Gameplay
Debut Witch Doctor Gameplay
Barbarian Leap Gameplay
Barbarian Seismic Slam Gameplay
Barbarian Whirlwind Gameplay
Witch Doctor Horrify Gameplay
Witch Doctor Locust Swarm Gameplay
Witch Doctor Mass Confusion Gameplay
Witch Doctor Soul Harvest Gameplay
Witch Doctor Fire Bomb Gameplay
Barbarian Ground Stomp Gameplay
Barbarian Cleave Gameplay

That’s it for now!



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12 09 2008
Diablo 3

Thats nice.. Amazing game

21 03 2009
Abandonware - Diablo « XSp.

[…] It was also the one game of the series I really got addicted to. I mean, I also played Diablo 2 to the end, but this first Diablo I played several times, online (item dupping?) and offline. Tested all classes, hunted for special items, etc etc. It’s thinking about this game that I probably got excited when I heard about Diablo 3. […]

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