Caturday 4!

28 06 2008

Caturday Serious Business
Serious Business.

People who are not from computers area will have to excuse me for today’s post…

Lolcat upgraded ram

…because it’s about LOLCode!
LOLCode is a programming language which uses LOLSpeak. (more about it on previous Caturday)

lolcat programming language

If you know about programming languages, look at this basic exemple on LOLCode:

Lolcat scared

As you might have suspected, this is the example which all programmers should use when first learning a programming language… Hello World!, only in LOLCode.

lolcat bsod

If you, programmer, already has some experience or a good eye, also noticed that “CAN HAS” is some sort of #include (C++), and “VISIBLE” is text output.

lolcat wut

But enough with the geek talk… those who are still interested in lolcode, take a look at the official page.

For the next Caturday… I’m still not shure! But I think I’ll speak about Longcat… see ya!

For those who just arrived… a guide!
Caturday 1234567



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5 07 2008
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