Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

27 06 2008

For Naruto fans and non-fans, an impressive game for Playstation 3.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Even if you HATE Naruto, read the post for the game, and to know what’s coming up next in games…

Look at this pic:

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Is it from the anime? Is it game cut-scene?
No… it’s gameplay.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

The creators of the game says that the idea is to blur the boundaries between game and anime… and it seems they were sucessfull.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

The official game website is already online, and demo is coming in July… gonna be one more reason for me to buy a Playstation 3.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Gotta admit I’m not a die hard Naruto fan… stopped watching it on filler arcs and never got back.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Naruto Shippuden looks interesting though, but kinda hard for me to pick it again because I just hate to skip stuff.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Back to the game… I always though Naruto games interesting for adding original cast voices (seyuus), and keeping several interesting aspects of the anime preserved.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

Played some of them. Naruto Ultimate Ninja, Naruto Narutimate, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes and Naruto Clash of the Ninja. For those who don’t know, there’s a f*ckton of games based on Naruto world.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

If you’re still not convinced by the pics, try watching the videos:

Action Trailer:

(if you have the time, I recommend watching the HD version on

GameSpot Interview (I think):

Some other videos in higher quality on

Gracias, Kotaku, for the information!

UPDATE: Another exclusive and impressive trailer… watch at



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Buy naruto

naruto ultimate ninja strom it’s very cool …

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