Puzzle Farter

26 06 2008

Up and awayyy… far far far awayyyy!!
Puzzle Farter

Puzzle Farter is a flash game… and the name isn’t the only weird thing on it.

Puzzle Farter

You are some sort of… hmmm…. fish with square glasses and man’s body(?) and needs to use the force (but not to much or else…) to get across the level and reach the exit door safely.

Puzzle Farter

Among the enemies, well… you’ll find from fishes on stilts to little fat chicks (yes fat chicks, because they are from the gallinaceous type) working out, and frogs that plays yo-yo with their tongues?

Puzzle Farter

I played once and managed to get ‘till level 20… it’s not too hard, but lots of fun.
But obviously, you’re only playing it because of the fart sounds.
Weirdness created by Pet Tomato.

Thanks Kotaku for the windy indication!



2 responses

15 07 2008
Austin Haas

Thanks for mentioning the game! I’m glad you like it.

It’s funny, we have names for the characters right now, but you don’t see them in the current version of the game. I wanted to call the chicks, “Fat Chicks,” like you did, but I was afraid it might bother some people.

-austin (from Pet Tomato)

15 07 2008

Thanks for visiting my humble blog Austin, and nice work!
I’m currently studying Game Development, and I know it must not have been an easy task. But the game is fun, and very creative!
Yeah… kinda bad we live in times which we have to worry about some innocent jokes…

Keep it up!

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