25 06 2008

… and now, for something completely different. Food!


Posting some pics of what I ate today…

Gyoza, also known as Jiaozi, is sort of a chinese dumpling. The dough is kinda different though, and the stuffing, here in Brazil, usually is grounded meat mixed with vegetables.


Gyoza ready to eat! You only have to fry them… no need of seasoning since you use soy sauce to eat.
Not very hard to find Gyoza ready to fry and eat (you can also freeze them)… if you have a local market which sells japanese and/or chinese products in you town, you’ll probably find it there.
Here in Curitiba (where I live), Municipal Market has it.

And now, something some people will frown in disgust…

coracao galinha

It’s chicken hearts. Since I was already frying stuff (something I don’t do much), unfroze and fried some chicken hearts to add to the meal. Salt, peper, onion and garlic to give it a flavor.
Something kinda common in Brazil, specially on barbecues.
Question: Is it a common plate where you live?

coracao de galinha

A little hard to know when it’s ready… but usually it is when you see some “burnt marks”.


Result is there. I have a small rice cooker. Made japanese rice (though I always mix 1/3 brazillian rice), furikake on top, gyoza e chicken hearts.

Decided to eat at home today because yesterday I had already gonne (again) to a soup buffet called Manjhericão, and the day before I had ordered pizza.

Oh yeah! I still don’t have an apron… and last time I fried Gyoza I messed all my clothes with oil and grease. So, this time, I decided to improvise. Take a look:

avental improvisado

It worked.
Bon apetit!



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