Imin Matsuri Curitiba – 100 years of immigration (Cosplay 2)

24 06 2008

Closing the posts about Imin Matsuri and cosplayers…
Imin Matsuri Curitiba
…Bleach, with a group of Soul Society lieutenants and shinigamis.

Last time I’ll say this… if someone knows the names, extra info, contacts, or if any cosplayer wants to leave a nick or a name to add to the topic, get in contact or leave a comment!

I have to thank another photographer who was on the event for gathering the cosplayers on those poses. Very nice ones!

Imin Matsuri Curitiba

Kyuubi from Naruto was one of the most applauded on cosplay contest.

Imin Matsuri Curitiba

More Naruto with this Zabuza. I think I saw a Naruto walking on the event, but couldn’t get a picture from him.

Imin Matsuri Curitiba

Couldn’t recogniza the character, but found the cosplay nice. Someone help?
Laria helped me: character is Lantis from Magic Knight Rayearth.
I only watched a couple of episodes, and it was years ago… couldn’t remember.

Imin Matsuri Curitiba

Bleach with… Mortal Kombat (it is Sub-zero, right?). A strage mix… 😛 Who wins?

Imin Matsuri Curitiba

Haruhi got me by surprize.. didn’t expect to find someone who knows Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu in the event. It’s not well known in Brazil.
Posted a figure of another character from the series: Nagato Yuki. But there’s info about the anime on the post too.

Imin Matsuri Curitiba

Beautiful cosplayer that was working on Itiban stand. The cosplay reminds me of Video Girl series (Ai or Len)… but I don’t know the series that much, so I’m not shure. Commenter Raine corrected my dumb self. Character is Maria Kurenai from shoujo manga Vampire Knight.
Was in doubt if I posted her or the Bleach cosplayers on the first pic.

Imin Matsuri Curitiba

Closing the Imin Matsuri Curitiba posts, cosplayers that were in the contest. Bleach, Street Fighter, Full Metal Alchemist, Sandman, Ah Megami Sama, Mortal Kombat and others.
Kinda sad I didn’t get a better Skuld shot.

Hope you enjoyed the posts, and keep reading and sending comments to the blog!
I try to maintain 2 daily posts on several subjects, but always around the anime/manga/otaku world.
Blog is almost at 100 posts, most of them in portuguese and english.
For those who just came in, I recommend taking a look at older posts too! 😀

And about the Imin Matsuri posts, there are more of them:
1. Event on Friday.
2. Lots of pics on Sunday.
3. Gadgets and technology on the event.
4. People working, cosplaying and making presentations.
5. Another one with cosplayers.
6. And closing the series, last post with cosplayers too.




3 responses

26 06 2008

The one under Haruhi is Kurenai Maria from Vampire Knight.

26 06 2008
Imin Matsuri Curitiba - 100 anos da imigração (Cosplay 2) « XSp.

[…] as da série Video Girl Ai ou Len… mas não conheço muito bem, então não tenho certeza. Raine corrigiu o burro aqui. A personagem é Maria Kurenai do manga shoujo Vampire Knight. Fiquei na […]

22 07 2008
AnimeFriends 2008 - 07/18 - Cosplayers « XSp.

[…] were present on the Press Start area. A new trend on cosplaying… there was also a group on Imin Matsuri post. AnimeFriends […]

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