Moe Moe Niji Taisen Deluxe

19 06 2008

Eroge on PSP/PS2? And more: With Nazis? GAAAH!

Niji Taisen Deluxe

We already have a possible eroge on Wii, rumors of one for PS3, and a suggestive title for the DS… so, the PSP/PS2 couldn’t be left out.

Moe Moe Taisen Deluxe

Similarly to the PS3 game… there’s already a game with the same title for the PC.
So could be that the PSP/PS2 version will have a more behaved tone.

But the images are very promising.

Moe Moe Taisen Deluxe

But wait… there’s more to add to the polemic!
Apparently, the game portrays female characters in place of World War 2 vehicles, with nazis and more.

And I didn’t quite grasp the gameplay, but it seems it’s some sort of RPG strategy.

And listen to this: It seems that depending on how the battles goes, the characters will… well… receive some damages to their clothes. Watch the following sequence:

No damage, ok.
Moe Moe Niji Taisen

Oops, careful there!
Moe Moe Niji Taisen

Moe Moe Niji Taisen

Four words: Japan, here I come!
The game will be released this fall by System Soft Alpha in Japan.

Get more images on this page (I think it’s the official one, not shure).

Source: Kotaku



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