Sanzenin Nagi

18 06 2008

Fresh figure from the oven… Sanzenin Nagi.
Nagi-chan is from Hayate no Gotoku anime (Hayate the Combat Butler).

Hayate no Gotoku is something like a romantic gag comedy.
Tells the story of Hayate… a boy that has been working since he was a kid to sustain the house and take care of his irresponsible parents.
One day, Hayate comes back from work to find that his parents abandoned them because a huge debt from gambling, leaving him as payment for the Yakuza. Well, not exactly him, but his organs.
Running away from the Yakuza, Hayate, who has always been honest depite all his problems, decides to change his attitude and kidnap someone to pay his debts.
This someone is Nagi, who don’t quite understand what’s happening, and ends up falling in love with Hayate.

Nagi is a tsudere loli, and very rich too. Those words… well, I’ll explain them later.

Enough of that, more angles from Nagi-chan’s figure:
Holding an XBox 360 controler?
Made by Jun Planning, it’s a 1/8 scale (10 cm tall).
For the lucky people who has easy access, Nagi figure is scheduled for release in August for 4,179 yen.

Curious about the anime?
Trailer on YouTube:

media.putfile -> First episode!

Source: Heisei Democracy




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