Kino no Tabi

16 06 2008

Today’s figure is Kino…
… from Kino no Tabi or Kino’s Travels.

Kino no Tabi tells the story of Kino’s journeys, and motorcycle Hermes.
Kinda hard to tell more than this, but it has a very unique story.

Each episode… or each arc (because sometimes it covers more than one episode) tells about Kino’s visit to some city or country, always rather different one from another… like the country of books, or the country of wizards, etc.

It has a rather philosophycal and introspective tone. Much like Lain, it’s an anime for adults, despite not having any erotic content to it. Maybe I’ll make a post to discuss more about the story, same way I did with Serial Experiments Lain.

More pics from the figure.


And for those interested in the anime, the prologue is a fine representation of it:
First part:

Second part:



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