Caturday 2!

14 06 2008

Another saturday, another Caturday!


Proceeding on Caturday and Lolcats, reminding you of what was said on the last Caturday: the origins and basic structure.

lolcat interesting

The picture with superimposed text also has a name… it’s known as image macro.

On lolcats case, this text usually represents what the animal is speaking (directed to the reader), or something it’s thinking.

lolcat die sleep

The text is written in a poor english, which sounds like a small kid talking.
That way of writting things received the name of lolspeak.

You can get a whole webpage (in english) and translate it to lolspeak using lolcattranslator.

lolcat wiki

That’s it for today, see ya next Caturday… in which we will talk about the Lolcat Bible!



3 responses

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