11 06 2008

Dunno if I can call Moji Pittan a meme…
Yutaka Moji Pittan
…but it’s at least a very popular music between otakus.

Mojipittan is actually a popular word puzzle game in Japan.
But what is known among non-japanese otakus is the theme music of the game.
Probably because the game doesn’t exist around here… it kinda works only for the japanese language.

Released by Namco, in Japan the game was ported to Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2), Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA), Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), Nintendo DS and Wii via WiiWare.

Here, some videos with the music:

Famous Lucky Star anime clip where character Yutaka is caught singing the music. Clip was edited to include the full music:

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku singing MojiPittan

As usual to memes, here’s a modified version of the music: Tsurupettan

I personally already knew the music because it’s on the list of musics on the Taiki no Tatsujin game for PS2.

And here, a Taiko no Tatsujin game playing Mojipittan… only the DS version:



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