Tears to Tiara – eroge on PS3?

10 06 2008

Another game, another polemic: Would Tears to Tiara be an eroge for the PS3?

Tears to Tiara

While Sony consoles has been tolerant with games the borders erotism, it’s hard to believe that with all the polemics today, an eroge would be released for the console.

But there are rumors that this would happen with the release of the game called Tears to Tiara.

And the rumors aren’t in vain:
Tears to Tiara

BUT, I didn’t want to be the guy to throw a bucket filled with cold water… this image apart, the game trailers and teasers makes it look that things are not quite that way.

Tears to Tiara

Besides, there is already a game with that title for the PC. That image that was published in lots of blogs past few days could be from the PC version.

The PS3 version will have reformuled CG, graphics and system. Originally, it’s a SRPG game (Strategy RPG or Tactical turn-based RPG).

Tears to Tiara

What the perv- I mean, the eroge fans could hope for is that at least a system of bonus images would be there in the game… images such as that one up there. But it’s probable that the reformulation of the game is to make it even more well behaved.

But anyways, I brought some videos from the game for your pleasure… or maybe, deception. T_T

PS3 game trailer:

Another PS3 game trailer, with some gameplay:

PC game trailer:

Reminding the perv- fans, that we already have an almost eroge for the Wii, and a DS game filled with fanservice on this very blog…



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12 06 2008
Ikkitousen PSP « XSp.

[…] – Eroge on Wii????“, “Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga” and “Tears to Tiara – eroge on PS3?“, I can’t really deny it […]

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