Playstation 3 Eye

9 06 2008

Today, I’m talking a little bit about Playstation 3 Eye:
Playstation 3 Eye

It’s a camera for the Playstation 3.
Also, some interesting ideas that may (or may not) show what’s coming up next for the accessory.

The almost useless Playstation 2 camera, known as EyeToy, evolved on this version for the Playstation 3, changing it’s name to simply “Eye”.

Nice move from Sony… like it evolved from being just a “toy”.

If you analyze the hardware specs, besides a better resolution and a more decent microfone, little has changed.
But the combination of camera functions plus the physics resources from the console, makes the whole difference.

Next, some demonstrations, a trailer and ideas on what’s possible to do with the camera.

Known as “Full Tanks”, this funny video shows the image recognition capabilities and physics usage for a simple war tank game:

Same resource shown in a technology event, on an interview made by Kotaku blog.

Official post from Kotaku, with better resolution video.

Here, another demo on how the Eye can be used to “translate” real objects directly to the console, with some physics elements generated automatically.

Official post from Kotaku, with better resolution video

Demo on the graphics resources of the console, and a little demo on the image recognition capability of the accessory in real time.

And finally, a trailer with some games created and launched for the accessory.

I left the most famous game that uses the camera out because I want to make a dedicated topic on it… the Eye of Judgement game.
Worth mentioning that some of those videos where made 2 years ago, the accessory was already launched, but part of the ideas where never used in real games ‘till now.

Bonus, a link for a topic made by Gizmodo with some of the videos I posted here, possibly with higher resolution, and some extras.



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