Death Note – The Movie

6 06 2008

Just yesterday I posted a Death Note anime figure. If you don’t know the anime, go to that topic to undesrtand the story better… and even watch one episode.
Today I’ll write about Death Note – The Movie.

Death Note Movie

Actually, the movieS. Because yes, probably only the fans know… there are already 2 movies and one spin-off.

Death Note

The two first movies, “Death Note” and “Death Note: The Last Name” were released in japan in 2006, June and November respectively, and were big hits there.

Death Note Last Name

Movie came to some theaters May this year (2008 ) in United States, and DVDs from the first and second movie are scheduled for release in September.

The spin-off, centered on L, was released february 2008 in Japan, with the title: “L: Change the World“.

But enough chit-chat, and let’s get to the goodies!

Death Note trailer

Death Note: The Last Name trailer

Another Death Note: The Last Name trailer, higher video quality, no subtitles

And finally, L: Change the World trailer

About the plot… it’s quite similar to the original story, but there are some differences. 😀
First and second movies are related to the anime/manga… the spin off is something apart, centered in L.

If you wanna take a peek at the first movie, or don’t mind watching it in Internet resolution:
Media.Putfile –> First part of the movie!
The rest of the movie is also there, you just have to search the videos from the same author. The rest I’ll let you search for…


Poster from the second movie:
Death Note Last Name

And MisaMisa (Erika Toda) all tied up:

Oh, almost forgot. Vertigo Entertainment is working on a U.S. remake of the story. I really don’t like this bit of information, but just to inform… (source of this info: AnimeNewsNetwork)



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6 06 2008
Nendoroid L « XSp.

[…] EDIT: I wrote a post about the movie. […]

11 09 2008

Nice anime blog,5 out of 5 stars!

11 09 2008

Nice comment, 6 out of 5 stars!
Just kidding! Thanks for the support! ^^

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