Little Big Planet

4 06 2008

If there is one game which is REALLY making me think of buying a new gen console, this game is Little Big Planet:

Little Big Planet

Combining physics, charismatic graphics and a powerful system to create and share levels (watch “construction demo”) and characters made by users, Little Big Planet has been raising the expectation bar from fans since it’s development was first announced, more than a year ago (to be released later this year).

Also coming “from factory” with several levels to play alone or with friends, the game has little “sackboys” and “sackgirls” as characters… imagine little plush dolls made of fabric and stuffed with sand.

The major point in the game is creating and playing in the levels… which have a complex physics system, simulation gravity, collision and other factors with great precision and realism.

It’s a little hard to explain, so I recommend watching at least the first trailer to understand it:

Trailer GDC 07

Construction Demo

Killzone trailer

CES 2008 interview, with details on playability and extra downloadable content which will be released with the game

Complete commented trailer (only for those who are REALLY interested, because the video is long):

Another complete commented video, by GameSpot (same as above):

Official website (at least for now):

From the new consoles generation, I had interest on the Wii, mainly because it’s different, and the fact that I’m already making some researches with the WiiMote… but this game is almost making me change my mind and wait to buy a Playstation 3.

Bonus image:
Little Big Planet



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