Human Tetris

3 06 2008

The show that became a famous on YouTube and that other shows worldwide didn’t take long to make awful copies that don’t even come close to the original…

In Japan, the sketch is called Brain Wall, and is hosted in a show called “Minasan no Okage Deshita” (something like “I managed to do it thanks to you all”).

First video I saw:

One more:

And the last one:

Notice one of the reasons the show works out in Japan is because most guests are comedians…



Uma resposta

9 06 2009
Tetris 25th Anniversary « XSp.

[…] we already had Tetris Theme in Bottles, A Weird Human Tetris Game, a Human Tetris video and the weird Japanese Human Tetris gameshow! Just to show how humans and tetris goes together well… […]

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