Street Fighter 4

2 06 2008

Like most people already know, Street Fighter 4 is coming, after an unconceivable amount of Street Fighter 2 versions adding words like Alpha, Turbo, Max, Hyper, etcetcetc… that and Street Fighter 3, which I never even played or saw.

Street Fighter 4

But some of you might not be following the news closely (me, for instance…), but are interested in watching a simple preview of how the game will be.

For those, I brought a couple of videos: A teaser/trailer, and an ad that came out recently with the official website.


EDIT: A trailer with almost all characters and gameplay. Released just today, I felt it was right to add this one to the collection. Nevermind the guy who doesn’t stop talking…

High resolution video at Kotaku.


Ad with better resolution at Gametrailers.

Several other videos on Gametrailers’ channel.

Particularly, I only played the very first (famous) Street Fighter 2… both SNES and Arcade versions.
And until this new version, few have actually caught my attention…
But it looks like Street Fighter 4 is finally breaking the mold, with new 3D graphics and lots more.
Worth checking out!

UPDATE: More trailers at E3 2008

E3 2008 Trailer

Better quality on

Ink Bleed Trailer

Better quality on

Source: Kotaku




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11 01 2009
The King of Fighters XII Trailer « XSp.

[…] gorgeous, fans will rejoice! Only a couple of things bothered me: – Artstyle being very close to Street Fighter IV (br) – The lack of several classic characters… which are mostly out because of the story as I […]

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