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29 05 2008

Decided to post some pics from where I’m writing to you all… my “Otaku space”. Or “Otaku place”.

XSP House

I’m currently living on a small one-bedroom apartment, so I had to use the living room to make my “office space” since I can only fit a bed on my bedroom.

Guitar Hero guitar hidden in the corner…
XSp House
I was watching Danny’s (from DannyChoo.com blog) speech that he gave in Germany about his work and the Otaku culture. Thanks to Key-Ta-Rho and Danny
XSp House

Using my old laptop (Acer Ferrari 4005) while I still wait (it’s been more than 3 months already) Dell’s tech support for my XPS M1330. My TV is also my monitor…
XSp House

Some of my artbooks (think I’ve got over 30 of them)… was one of the first Otaku-hardcore symptons I had. Payed a lot (too much) for them in Brazil, bought several of them on my trip to Japan, and payed an absurd price to ship them from Japan to Brazil…
XSp House

More Artbooks (the rest are in my hometown), some books and mangas… if you are curious about something on this or any other pics, just leave a message and I’ll reply as soon as I can!
XSp House

Shelf close-up. Otaku? Nah…
XSp House

Extreme close-up! Love Hazuki-chan (Nekomimi mode!), and I’d like to get more complete collections from Ichigo Mashimaro
XSp House

This shelf is almost entirely dedicated to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.
Saved a space for Yuki beach version…
Should I call this my devotion corner? Blessed be her!

Another shelf close-up. Sorry folks, came out a little dark…
XSp House

My Mina-chan. It seems every Otaku has to have one
XSp House

Finally, last pic. I’m still buying another Shana-chan figure… the famous one she’s in school uniform eating a melon-pan.
XSp House

Hope you liked it! Leave comments, etc.



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