29 05 2008

This time, a newer meme:


From 300 movie.
ATTENTION: Movie spoilers on this post! Don’t read if you didn’t watch the movie yet!

I have to admit I didn’t even watch the movie yet… but since I read Frank Miller’s Graphics Novel some time ago, no problem.

Sparta Comparison

The meme is centered on a scene were Leonidas gives the boot on some messenger’s chest while shouting “THIS IS SPARTA!”.

Original scene:

The brilliant minds from YouTube didn’t take long to make a remix of it…
This Is Sparta! ~Another Techno Remix~:

And then, there are several images… like most memes. I made a selection:

Sparta Quiz

Caution Sparta

This is Contraa

Harry Pottaaaa

I even used a meme on an old post:
300 Alone



3 responses

4 07 2008
It’s over NINE THOUSAAAAND!!!! « XSp.

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22 01 2009
Marble Madness? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA « XSp.

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3 03 2011

i loved watching this movie. I saw Meet The Spartans it was funny. i didn’t see the 99 Spartans, but i also wanted to see 99 Spartans.

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