Pythagora Switch

26 05 2008

Pythagora Switch (or Pitagora Suicchi) is an educational japanese show for kids… which caught the attention of several grown ups worldwide.

Pythagora Switch

Specially because of the Rube Goldberg Machines… those that are composed of several elements in order to produce a chain reaction.

The show has proximately 15 minutes each episode, and in several moments “Pythagoras Machines” were shown. They are also known as Rube Goldberg Machines or Incredible Machines or some other names.

Here, a compilation of them:

And there are several others on YouTube… just search for them.

Are you trying to remember where you saw this before? Remember The Goonies?


There was this famous scene were the characters used such a machine to open the house’s gate…

Ok. But the show goes beyond that… there are several interesting sketches that made me wonder how nice it would be if, as a child, I had such an interesting show to watch.

Watch some more:

Algorithm March:

10 Stick Anime – The Race

And this ones are in japanese… but it’s fun to watch even if you don’t understand it.


Framy music:




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3 04 2009
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