Dragonball – The Movie

23 05 2008

For those who don’t know it yet, some lunatics are making a movie based on Dragonball manga from Akira Toriyama (not to be mistaken with Dragonball Z). Yeah.


UPDATE: Latest information about the movie on Dragonball – The Movie (update) post!

Well, if you decided to proceed reading, it’s because you are curious to know more about this epic failure (at least to me).

So, allow me to torture you a little bit more, please.
Here, have some steaming pile of fresh new pics from the movie cast!

Chow Yun-Fat
Master Roshi

Jamie Chung
Chi Chi

Emmy Rossum / Joon Park
Bulma and Yamcha

Justin Chatwin / Emmy Rossum
Goku and Bulma

Justin Chatwin / Emmy Rossum / Chow Yun-Fat
Goku, Bulma and Master Roshi

Worth mentioning that Piccolo will be played by James Marsters, vampire Spike from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer:
Spike - James Marsters

Some still have hope… since it’s being directed by James Wong (X-files, Millenium, Final Destination) and produced by Stephen Chow (Kung-fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer).

My personal opinion is that the only chance this movie has to be reasonable is… being completely unrelated to the manga, or the original story.

1. Goku is an american teen with emo-punk hair?
2. Master Roshi… Chow Yun-Fat, nice. But too young, no beard…
3. The actress that plays Bulma is cute… but this doesn’t make her a good Bulma.
4. Comedy with super-deformed characters and gags that are common on animes and cartoons don’t work well with real actors.
5. The original story begins with Goku and Chi Chi still as kids… Bulma was a young pre-teen. I have no idea how they’ll make the adaptation, but the funniest part in the story (at least on my opinion), is exactly when they were still kids.
6. It seems that with the information we have so far (you can see it by the pictures), that the movie is not a comedy (there goes the advantage of having Stephen Chow as director), but a action-drama-sci-fi story with Goku searching the Dragon Balls to save the world.
7. I’m kinda picky on this one, but I couldn’t watch even Dragonball anime with english dubs (only laughed with original dubs and english subs)…

Well, I could give OVER NINE-THOUSAND reasons for this movie not to work, but deep down I’m hoping for it to be at least a tiny but fun… since I’m gonna watch it anyways.
You know, this human tendency of wanting to watch major catastrophes…

Source: Kotaku – thanks Bash!

EDIT: Adding to the optimistic side, here’s an example of how the movie could end up being watchable: Dragonball Z Live Action

EDIT2: A new poster from the movie… believe it or not, the movie will be out in March 2009, on a Friday 13th. The “Heart Attack” is actually the name of the news source…. but it could as well be the reaction from the people watching the movie. 😛

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

Source: DannyChoo.com



25 responses

29 06 2008

I agree with you in that this doesn’t look like it’s going to be a smashing hit, but you know that a lot of people are going to watch it anyway…

Are you sure they’re completely cutting off the first part (when they were young)?

That girl doesn’t look bitchy enough to be the DB Bulma.

29 06 2008

Ulquiorra – yep… I’m gonna watch it too anyways. 😛

They probably are cutting the first part… which imho, is the funniest part of the manga.

Anyways, there’s one way they could get the movie right:
Doubt they are gonna do the movie this way though, based on previous experiences… 😛

But time will tell… let’s hope for the best!

29 06 2008

I don’t have high expectations for this movie (matter of fact, I have NIL expectations), but I’m still going to watch it. Who knows, they might surprise me 😛

29 06 2008

I am willing to bet $10 that they are going to portray the goku-bulma relationship the same way they did transformers (rather than focusing the movie on the movies namesake they are going to have it focus 50% of the movie on the relationship of the two main characters)

29 06 2008


omfg.. no way! Please tell me this is a joke?


I cant wait to see this.

29 06 2008

Cable – My thoughts exactly! They are turning it into a drama where Goku must save the world and Bulma from the hands of evil Piccolo or something…

1 07 2008

At least the special effects should be good…yep, looks like a transformers repeat, only even more irrelevant.

2 07 2008

Pretty neat that you discovered my blog linked to yours. How did you do it?

Your blog is pretty neat, and very well developed by the way. I’m still a complete n00b. Any tips from an elder would be well appreciated :).

2 07 2008

Sanjeev – 😀 Thanks! But the truth is: I didn’t develop it. 😛 I’m using a WordPress.com blog… it gives you everything, including a list of websites that links to your blog.
Pretty neat resource!

The only problem with WordPress.com is that you can’t install plugins, and can’t use Google Adwords… but it’s very easy to use, and absolutely FREE! (well, you do have to pay a little to have your own domain..)

6 07 2008

You’re forgetting that the series ended with Goku as a young adult fighting in the World Martial Arts Championship. They may decide to base the movie on that era of the series. Not the early part where chibi Goku is looking for the Dragon balls.

Then again I think they should have based the movie on the Dragon Ball Z series and just made a trilogy about the Freeza Saga.

That would have ROCKED!!!!!!

6 07 2008


this is going to be terrible.

but im going to see it anyways. if only for chow yun fat

6 07 2008

Hurricane – Nah, didn’t forget. It’s only that I liked more when Goku was a kid…
Let’s hope for the best though.
Again, this gave me a little hope: https://xspblog.com/2008/06/29/dragonball-z-live-action/

6 07 2008

None of this movie will be relivant to the Dragoncall series, they are basing an older teen as Goku, in other words the name is Dragonball but some how are implimenting elements of DBZ into it.

Plus the hair what the hell is with that? I mean talk about boring! Goku had a hair style everyone noticed even with his face, if they even bothered to put the time and effort into this to what they do for most movie then maybe these stupid hollywood writers would make something better
90% of the guys who are working on the movie have never watched the anime of both DB and DBZ and never read a Manga in their LIFE!

7 07 2008

You are far to cynical, who gives a shit. If it sucks oh well, another dragonball failure, not like we don’t already have a massive pile of suck to throw the corpse on. If it’s good, hell yeah I’ll be the first in line. Give the project a chance to at least get it’s legs first before you pass final judgment…twit.

11 07 2008

Wow, Emmy Rossum as bulma??

She did like phantom of the opera and stuff… why would she do this? I wonder if she could pull bulma off?

12 07 2008

You may forget about Stephen Chow now. He’s actually got no say in anything and Fox is just putting him on the staff list to fool his fans. Everybody should just follow the Japanese and boycott this flick now

25 07 2008

at least Chichi is hot…

3 09 2008
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31 12 2008

Is it out yet?

31 12 2008

Not yet, my friend, not yet… the crisis didn’t reach it’s peak yet. xD
Here, release date:
And the trailer:

25 02 2009

*sigh* I am going to state this very simply so all the drama lamas here can grasp it.


there I said it. Get over it. they cast who they cast for the roles they wanted to. No amount of griping, bitching, moaning, complaining, whining, tantrum throwing, is going to change that so just STOP.

Honestly people really need to calm down. Here is just a small guide to dealing with this film.

-Look it over and find out if it’s something that interests you.

-if it does interest you, than go see the movie.

-if it doesn’t interest you, than for the love of god, shut the hell up. PLEASE.!what you are saying isn’t new, its been said over and over and over and over throughout the vastness of the internet.
Think the movie is going to be shit? Then don’t see it.

I don’t understand a majority of fans. they will bitch and moan about the movies to their series sucking, or the characters not being cast correctly, and say how the movie is just going to be a pile of shit.
and what do they do?


it totally baffles me as to why people will just spend hours bitching about a movie they aren’t going to see. or worse, bitch about a movie that they know full well they are going to see anyway. people just love to bitch about shit. plain and simple.

Why not wait until the movie is released to make your judgments?


now if you will excuse me i have to bandage the vein that burst in my temple before I die.

thank you.

26 02 2009

Schuyler – LOL

Let’s face it, from your comment alone, you also love to complain! 😛
What’s the Internetz for anyways?

I think people are so passionate about this movie because:

1- It’s based (or was supposed to be) on a classic anime, which is part of several people’s childhood, thus being kinda “sacred”.

2- It’s one of the first movies trying to reproduce “modern” japanese animation (Speed Racer apart). Which could be the start of a long stream of Hollywoodian attempts on it. A tendency most anime fans don’t really like. Or at least would like to be made in a way that doesn’t completely ruin the original work.

3- It’s a movie, like you said. And as a movie, criticism is to be expected. This is exactly what moves the movie industry. I mean, really, if you think it’s just a movie and people shouldn’t be judging it, why did you even comment about it?

Think something you really liked when you was a kid being “remade” by a modern studio. Think something that doesn’t quite fit a live action movie. Now think that the studio released some teasers and trailers that were completely disapointing to you. Wouldn’t you like to express how disappointing that was? Well, that’s the case here.

And I’d like to disagree about complaining won’t change a thing. It’s already been announced that a sequel to this movie is on the works. Complaining might make the studio think twice on the elements for the second movie. Or if it’ll even be released. So that the money spent on the project could be redirectioned for another movie.

If opinions are to be considered just “griping, bitching, moaning, complaining, whining, tantrum throwing”, we might as well just lock ourselves up in a dark room and let things roll, watching movies we don’t like, consuming products we don’t want, and going back to the dark ages I guess…

Your comment alone just makes it seems that you are trying to defend the movie without real arguments…

Oh, and adding to the flames, this is the exact same strategy the studio producing the movie is using to avoid the movie being a complete failure: They are not screening the movie in advance for movie critics.

All big title movies do that, unless they know in advance that the critics will probably have only bad reviews to write about it.

So yep, GET OVER IT, and just accept that people are entitled to criticize a movie they don’t have great expectations for. Also, pictures like the ones posted, trailers, and other stuff released BY the movie studio are exactly for that. If they didn’t want criticism, they wouldn’t release stuff like that in the first place.

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