Senjo no Kizuna

20 05 2008

I guess this one is interesting for all gamers, but especially interesting for those who likes Gundam or mechas.

Senjo no Kizuna

It’s the game arcade Senjo no Kizuna (or Senjou no Kizuna).

Complete name: Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna (Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield).

This arcade is actually a pod or cocoon where players get in and find a projected screen inside, with a adjustable seat, surround sound system and joysticks for both hands and feet much like one would find inside a “real Gundam or mecha”.

In other words, the immersion system that came closest to give a true experience of what would be like to pilot a Gundam or mecha.
Player pilot a Gundam in a virtual world, fighting for ranking positions. Usually, Game Centers (arcades) have some 5 pods available each.
But the game goes online, so battles aren’t restricted to 5 players from a specific Game Center.

The website Akihabara News has a nice article and great video showing how it works in detail.

A quick video on YouTube on the gameplay:

And another longer video with an extensive explanation on how it works:

Some more pics:
Senjo no Kizuna
Senjo no Kizuna



Uma resposta

2 03 2009
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