Eternal Fighter Zero

20 05 2008

Got surprized few days ago while posting topics on Orkut with how many people knows Kanon anime (here in Brazil)… so I decided to post something related (kinda old, but no problem):

Eternal Fighter Zero

The game Eternal Fighter Zero.

From 2001 (before the animes were released), a doujin (fanmade) game became famous and was also partially responsible for the popularization of some Visual Novels… among them Air and Kanon.

Eternal Fighter Zero

It’s a fighting game in which you can play as any female charaters from 4 different visual novels.
Was a huge success… it had several “upgrades” that added new characters and new screens to the game.

Now, some videos from the game (remember the game is rather old and made by fans). I’ll leave it for you to recognize the characters…



Uma resposta

14 07 2009
Cosplay Series – Cosplayers Elite 6 « XSp.

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