20 05 2008

Today’s figure (been some time I didn’t post) is Arale-chan.

Yep, I only have closed package pics of her…

The design character reminds you of someone… you know, like Goku from Dragonball?

Not a coincidence! Arale-chan is one of the main characters from Dr. Slump anime/manga, one of the first long running works from Akira Toriyama.

Dragonball came right after it. You can find references and special guest participations between both anime/mangas.

Here in Brazil, the manga was released by Conrad, but they stopped publishing and eventually canceled it.
Last was number 14 if I’m not mistaken. And I never bought anything else from Conrad.

Bonus, another Arale-chan figure:

And here, the first anime episode (it’s kinda old… but skip the intro and watch it. Funny stuff!):




Uma resposta

11 10 2008
Suddenly Acquired Figures! « XSp.

[…] Even Arale-chan was kinda surprised with the ecchiness of this Moe-tan […]

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