Lasse Gjertsen – Hyperactive/ Amateur

16 05 2008

First of all, I would like to apologize (Python much?) for the lack of posts… and ‘till Sunday, I won’t be able to post anything else as I’ll be returning to Curitiba by bus (9hr trip).
And when I get there, I’ll literally go straight to a surprise class that will take all my Saturday. I’ll be back home at night in shambles, so I guess I won’t be in conditions of posting new stuff.

But today I spent the whole day doing a research on Lolcats, making the structure for the next big post… so it’ll be worth the wait.

But not to leave a blank post, I decided to rise one more from the grave:

Lasse Gjertsen - Hyperactive

Remember of the Hyperactive video from Lasse Gjertsen?

If you don’t know, I believe you’ll like them. If you do, I guess it’s always fun to remember.
The videos make use of stop motion and editing techniques, using sound and video bits to create interesting music pieces.



Some interesting video replies:

See you Sunday!



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