Talking Cats and Dogs!

14 05 2008

Speaking of funny videos, for those who didn’t see them yet, I present you with a cats and dogs video bonanza!
(extracted from website – more at Caturday topic)

Tip: Sometimes YouTube videos misbehave… if there are any problems, reload the page and click somewhere on the video. It’ll load the video on it’s own YouTube page.

Now, the videos:

This cats talks in morse code:
My Weird Cat talking to a Moth

This one sounds kinda out of synch…
Talking Cat

Kinda desperate?
Talking Cat

These two are having a chit chat
The two talking cats

Didn’t get what they said? Here’s the translation:

Almost pissed my pants with this one:
Talking Cat

A compilation of dogs and cats:
Talking cats & dogs

And one more:
cats talk

That’s all folks!



3 responses

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