Hatsune Miku 3D Dancing – Kawaii!!!

8 05 2008

Are you also addicted to YouTube?
So you must also have a favorite…

I present you, one of the most cute-ish videos I’ve ever saw on YouTube:

“Kurutto, Odotte, Hatsune Miku” (Nendoroid Ver.)

Music sang by Hatsune Miku is “Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten” from Keroro Gunsou anime.

Oh yeah, watch ‘till the end… those who are following this blog will see something familiar.

And you reader, have you any video like this one to point out? Leave a comment that together we’ll make a collection of them!



5 responses

16 08 2008

She is so cute in these video :3

I love how she has a bandage on her head when she does the Carmel Dansen. (coz she fell off stage earlier)

16 08 2008

My thoughts exactly!
I also love the clumsy girl next to her XD

9 09 2008
Nendoroids « XSp.

[…] remember completely falling in love for the series when I watched the 3D video of Hatsune Miku (and crew) dancing. Heard it was made by a […]

16 04 2009
Hatsune Miku ~Project DIVA~ (PSP) « XSp.

[…] what can I say? I love Hatsune Miku (specially her dancing as long as you don’t try to steal her pantsu), and I loved the […]

19 07 2009
Juggling Hatsune Miku vs Katana Akita Neru « XSp.

[…] Hatsune Miku is all over my blog, but you can see both characters in Nendoroid version on the Hatsune Miku 3D Dancing post. […]

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