Pizza Hut!

7 05 2008

Hmm.. it’s no secret to my friends my feelings about Pizza Hut’s pizza… I love it!

And like I said and already heard people saying, “it’s not like any random pizza”.

Today, already kinda tired of eating my beams and rice, and having skipped shopping once again… I gathered my strength, blew a hole in my pocket, and ordered:

Medium sized pizza, half pepperoni half super supreme, and half Ceasar’s Salad with cheese sauce:
Pizza Hut

Not only it is delicious, but it’s also very nice to the eyes! (sorry about that bitten chunk, but I almost forgot to take the picture, from the hunger).

What isn’t particularly beautiful or tasty is it’s price: For that only, I paid R$50,00 (around 27 USDs).
Yep… the price of some of the most expensive and fancy all you can eat barbecues in Curitiba.

But anyways… once every 6 months or so, it’s acceptable.

Brings me good memories from a trip that me, my father and my mother did from Miami to New York (visiting Disney too).
We stopped one day on one of those highway cheap motor hotels, and there was this Pizza Hut across the road…
Our english speaking skills weren’t that great back then (I was 15), and we wanted a “calabreza” pizza (it’s the same as pepperoni less some herbs).

So, there was this picture of a pepperoni pizza. We were trying to order it, but probably stuttered some… and in conclusion, they made a pepperoni pizza with TONS of pepper!

My mom managed to eat a slice only I guess… my father and I eat some more… but the pepper taste remained for days. That spicy taste on your lips, burning… it was fun…



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