Magical Pokaan!

6 05 2008

Damn, the figures I know the sources are running thin… faster than I first thought it would be.

Today’s figures will be 2 characters from the anime Renkin 3-kyu Magical? Pokahn (aka Magical Pokaan or MagiPoka):


…and Pachira.

Magical Pokaan is an anime that tells the everyday life of 4 princesses from the World of Magic which are trying to live in the human world.

Sounds kinda childish, but it isn’t! A very funny comedy, with captivating characters. I recommend to everyone.
The plot isn’t continuous… every episode is independent, so it’s great to watch without compromise.
Though if things go like it did to me, those who start watching will end up watching all 12 episodes non-stop.

Extra: Part of the first episode… unfortunately I only found with spanish subtitles:

Extra extra: a piece of info – Pachira’s figure is cast-offable. :X



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