6 05 2008

One more meme for today! This time, it’s Caramelldansen!

From 2006, and like Loituma Girl (leekspin), it’s a mix of music and an animation bit.

The animation was extracted from the openning of an eroge (game with adult content) called Popotan for the PC.
Notice that an anime with the same name (without the adult content) based on the same characters was released later on.

I present you, the animation:

The music that was added to complete the meme is from a swedish group called Caramell, from the album Supergott, only in a speed up version known as “Speedycake Remix”.

Enough with the history class, enjoy:

For the original Flash version (click here)

Original version on YouTube:

Like Loituma Girl, after the success fans made tens, if not hundreds of other versions, with other characters, real people trying to copy, and other stuff.

A video compilation of different versions:

The original music:

Augmented reality version, using ARToolkit, and a Hatsune Miku model from Vocaloid:

(I’m planning a topic about Vocaloid)
(I’m also planning a topic on Augmented Reality)

Aya from Touhou version:

(I’m planning a topic on Touhou)
Read more about Touhou on the post about Marisa Stole the Precious Thing!


For those who wanna learn how to do it, just watch this NicoNico Douga users compilation:

And here, one HUGE list of versions.



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