Yoko Ritona

3 05 2008

Today’s figure is Yoko:

One of the protagonists of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (phew) anime, Yoko is a specialist on that little weapon she carries around.

The story, little bit fiction little bit comedy, little bit adventure little bit action, happens in a distant future where humans were forced to live in subterranean villages isolated from each other.
This condition remains for such a long time that many can’t even remember exactly why… they only have a vague impression that there are unthinkable dangers on the surface, where no one dares to go… with the exception of the anime protagonists, who one day decide to take the chances to see what’s happening “out there”.

Tons of extra pics for reader’s delight:






If you’re going to start watching the anime now just because of this figure, don’t feel guilty… I did the same. 😛 But I’m linking it a lot!

First part of the first episode:

Alternate link:



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