Lucky Star!

2 05 2008

I’m out of ideas today, so I’ll post just the figures of the day…

Posted few days ago on DannyChoo’s blog, these custom-made figures (handmade) from Lucky Star characters:

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Konata Izumi… the favorite protagonist of otakus

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Kagami Hiiragi, the tsundere character

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Akira Kogami, suffers from split personality disorder. 😛

Unfortunately, no PVC version of the characters yet… those models are from an event in Japan that will sadly end this year, where expositors sells garage kits.. they are unique and handmade, very expensive.

Lucky Star is about the everyday life of school friends, much like lots of other animes I already posted.
It is comedy, and has something that attracted lots of fans: it is crowded with other anime references and otaku culture in general. The main character is actually portrayed as an otaku.

Bonus image:

Lucky Star

Lucky Star

Konata playing PS2?

EDIT! Bonus 2! For those who want to see what I meant with “split personality disorder”

Doriru doriru dodododo doriru

EDIT: Part of the first episode on YouTube!




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