Karoshi – Death from overwork

1 05 2008

This one is for those who don’t know me… because I already said about this to everyone I know…


The title is kinda gloomy, but actually, it’s just a game…
It’s a little puzzle game where the objective is… death.

YEAH, you read right! Totally against common sense, the big objective in the game is dying!

But don’t think it’s gonna be easy…

Check it out! Fun and laughts guaranteed… or maybe a knot in your brain for not being able to solve the puzzles. Tip: Try to think outside the box.

The game is simple, with old console graphic style, free and comes in two flavors.

Download version (click here)
Online version (click here)

Trivia: Karoshi, which is the game name, is actually a word that japanese folks use to designate death from overwork, really. A serious issue in Japan. Ironically, that game is so entertaining that might even save some lives out there… 😀

For those who already died…
Karoshi 2.0!
Karoshi 2.0

Download version (click here)
Online version (click here)



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