29 04 2008

Today’s figure isn’t from an anime… it’s from a game, and actually it isn’t even from a specific game.

Our adorable Plenair:
Holding Same-san…

…with Usagi-san behind.

Plenair is a recurring character on tactical role playing games developed by Nippon Ichi… the most known game is the Disgaea series.

Long time ago I heard about the game, and wanted to play it a lot.
I tried playing several times the playstation 2 version, but couldn’t overcome the english dubbing.

Recently, I got a PSP (no regrets), put my DS aside, and had a nice surprise: PSP has a Disgaea port from the PS2 version with better graphics, and best of all: you can choose to keep the original japanese dubbing with english subtitles!

Back to Plenair, she’s just a cameo unfortunately.
But there’s a legion of fans that’s begging a long time for her to have a more significant role… non-effective up till now.

Bonus image is… another figure:

There’s a Disgea anime now!
VEOH LINK –> First episode!
VEOH LINK –> Trailer



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