EyezMaze – Grow Games

29 04 2008

For one more game, today I’ll post something different.
EyezMaze website, with a self-called “Grow Game” style, flash based.

Ok, this website is kinda old and well known, but I always find people who never heard about it…
Or yet, people who played years ago (like me), when the website had only one game… and then completely forgot about it.

There are tens of games… even more if you count the mini-games.

Basically, they are abstract puzzles. You have to get the order of the pieces right to get to the final objective… which can be something very abstract, or something a little more logical.

Click the title image or the link to visit the official EyezMaze website.

If you are wondering where to begin, try Grow ver.3. Despite it’s name, this was one of the first Grow Games from EyezMaze.

Don’t worry if you don’t get how it works on first attempts… it’s part of the game!
Recommend it for all ages, including (but not exclusively) for kids at school, since the game stimulates criativity and logical thinking process. 😀
Good luck!



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12 10 2008


12 10 2008
14 08 2014
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EyezMaze – Grow Games | XSp.

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