Yotsuba to Miura!

28 04 2008

The figure of today goes to Miura and Yotsuba!

I made an exception for this figure, because I usually ain’t much of a fan for action figures or revoltechs.
For those who don’t know the technical therms, revoltechs or action figures are those that have articulate joints, which usually hinders the looks…

But in Yotsuba’s case, if actually came out pretty nice… and she also doesn’t have a “normal” version:
Yotsuba to Miura

From Yotsuba&! manga (from the original Yotsubato! – unfortunately, no anime version yet), from Azumanga Daioh’s creator.



Plot is of the daily life of Yotsuba, a very different kid that just moved from a small country city to a bigger one. She’s kinda naive and innocent, very curious and energetic.



Follows the same style as Azumanga, and it’s a bucketload of laughs.
I recommend it for everyone… I go to ridiculous lengths to get it… like importing from Amazon, which makes it pretty expensive (I live in Brazil), but still think it’s worth it (unfortunately, we still don’t have Yotsuba in Brazil).





Uma resposta

12 07 2009
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[…] Yotsuba& (Jumbo, Mr. Koiwai, Yotsuba) – ? (ROFL – Yotsuba to! is a famous manga from the same author of Azumanga Daioh. Check the Yotsuba to Miura figure post I made sometime ago) […]

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