Kokonoe Rin

25 04 2008

Prepared for today’s figure?

Yeah, I know it’s controversial…

Kokonoe Rin

Kokonoe Rin

Kokonoe Rin’s figure from Kodomo no Jikan anime/manga.
The controversy, as you probably guessed, has relation to the lolicon culture in japan, which is almost the main anime/manga theme.

I won’t go into details, but the manga version was even licensed in United States, announced with the translated name “Nymphet”, and after tons of discussion, the company that licensed it decided to delay the title. And after more discussion, announced that they were gonna cancel it.

Those who wanna know more, Wikipedia is your friend:

Bonus pictures (I love the character, and the anime):

Kokonoe Rin

Kokonoe Rin

Trivia: The red backpack is typical for japanese little kids to use to go to school. It’s part of their uniform, and identifies them.

Kokonoe Rin

Kokonoe Rin

Stay tuned for the next!

VEOH LINK –> First episode
VEOH LINK –> Alternative link



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