Rosee Gastronomia – Curitiba

22 04 2008

Just because I complained and whined, today the planets aligned to create a unique phenomena: My food urges were satisfied.
Yep… happened like by chance, I finally managed to go with my friends to a restaurant that had a soup buffet.

Rosee Gastronomia

Rosee Gastronomia

After carefully choosing, we decided to visit “Rosee Gastronomia”, here in Curitiba, PR – Brazil.
I completely forgot to take a pic, but found some good ones… (Google is your friend)

The only thing that made me a little sad was that the place was kinda empty (considering today was a holyday and it was rainning…). Because the meal was excellent.

Rosee Gastronomia

Rosee Gastronomia

Could only taste 5 from… I think there was 9 or 10 different choices. And they all were great.
Recommend the chef’s recommendation, delicious to eat with bread.

Rosee Gastronomia

Rosee Gastronomia

And I’m kinda picky with soups.
Though if I continue eating stuff like I ate yesterday, this might end up changing… have a look:

Monster-lunch: Cup Noodles with Tupi tea (I recommend):

Ugly-dinner: microwaved pre-made potatoes with salt, pepper and tabasco. To drink, one of the weirdest “caipirinhas” on the universe – Kuat Zero (softdrink) with sugar (cane) and smashed old lemons, on Smirnoff Red Fruits Twist.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

EDIT: Caught my attention that many people are getting to this article searching for Soup Buffets in Curitiba… so I decided to add this restaurants list I did in Google Maps. Hope it helps:

Source of the restaurant pics: Mapia



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