History of the Internet

15 02 2009

Here’s a video that tells the history of the Internet, centered more on technologies, hardware and protocols (rather than software), in a way everyone can understand (or almost):

Source: Gizmodo

Real Portal Gun

3 02 2009

You a Portal fan?
If the answer is “Yes I am!”, then here, have some fun:

Portal Gun

Portal Gun

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Motion Controlled MP3 Player

31 01 2009

Kinda useless, but cool anyways:

From HackedGadgets, the mod was made by Elm-chan… just in case you suddenly feel the urge to do something like that, check Elm-chan’s Motion Controlled MP3 Player page… and good luck with that.

Souce: Gizmodo

Internet Dog Feeder

30 01 2009

The project might look a little crude, but Tyler says he made it in under 1 hour… so it’s pretty awesome!

With some improvements, you could check on your dog/cat/pet and feed it when you’re not home.

Source: TechEBlog

Figures: Importing vs. Buying Localy in Brazil

27 01 2009

Brazilian figure fans probably made themselves this question: To buy figures in Brazil (at Liberdade district mainly) or to buy them in international online stores?

Nendoroid Saber Lion / Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy

Nendoroid Saber Lion / Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy

With that question in mind, I decided to conduct an experience. In this post, I’ll show the results of this experience.
For those living in Brazil that are interested in buying something other than figures in international onlines stores, this topic might be worthy the read… since most products follows the same rules.
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Custom Figure

25 01 2009

Here’s something interesting for 3D modelers, bloggers and other people who have custom made mascots and characters…

Custom Figure

Custom Figure

A japanese company called Tsukulus is offering the service to make custom 3D figures for reasonable prices (something around 100USDs)!
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Microsoft – Kodu (Boku)

17 01 2009

Microsoft showed up at CES this year with an interesting game/tool that can be used to design… games.
Here, take a look:

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Portrait Illustration Maker

13 01 2009

Here’s an interesting website:

Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker

You can make your own avatar there, with a big range of options…
Tried quickly making myself…

Anyways, try it yourself using this link to the official Portrait Illustration Maker website.

Source: Member spidr245 News post at DannyChoo.com

Maginobi Nao / Hatsune Miku Mix

11 01 2009

Amazing drawing skills!

Source and a Nao figure pic at DannyChoo.com

UFO Catchers

10 01 2009

Awesome video of a lady who developed impressive techniques to always get stuff from UFO Catchers

Unfortunately, in Brazil UFO catchers only have crappy cheap stuff… as you can see on the video, in Japan there are tons of very awesome stuff.
In my trip to Japan, I remember seeing even Wiis in stuff like that.
Also, in Japan there’s always a way of getting stuff from UFO catchers… I’m not so shure if that’s also true in Brazil. They usually just shove tons of crappy toys in those, probably don’t even test if it’s even possible to get them.

Source: Member gordon News post at DannyChoo.com


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